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Boost your grades with online tutorial courses that are:

Easy to Follow
Full of Detailed Examples
Priced for a Student's Budget
Taught by a Native English Speaker

My tutorials are designed to help you get through your tough engineering classes.

We'll start with the basics and then build up to more complex material.

All the tips and techniques you need to solve problems will be shown. I don't assume you know more than you do and we won't skip steps .

Downloadable outlines of notes are provided to keep you organized and on track with the lectures.

Stay on top of your on-campus courses with my on-demand lecture and example videos.

All my courses cover the standard material found on college campuses so they're perfect to use as supplemental resources if you:

  • Have an instructor that leaves you frustrated and confused
  • Are trying to get ahead before the next semester starts
  • Miss classes and need to catch up on material
  • Want additional examples and problems to test your knowledge
  • Are tired of searching through YouTube videos looking for the exact topic you need
  • Need help but don't want to pay for a tutor

The great part about my tutorials is that they are taught in the same format as an on-campus class. We'll cover theory and then examples for all topics . The topics will build on each other as we progress through the course material.

Who is the instructor?

I am Cherish Qualls, PhD and I love teaching engineering courses! As a matter of fact, I left my career in the defense industry to return to teaching. Nothing is better than watching freshmen turn into successful engineers.

Although I graduated years ago, I still remember the struggle of being an engineering student... the confusion, frustration, and heavy work loads. Because of that, I created STEM Course Prep to help undergraduates succeed in the classroom.

After 18 years of teaching, there is one thing I know for sure. Theories are great for graduate school, but not when you're just starting out as an engineering student.

Instead of dwelling on derivations of complex theories, I concentrate on problem solving and working examples. I'll show you how to apply the theory. This is where the true learning and success happen.

Why pay for classes when YouTube is free?

YouTube is free and you can definitely find some great tutorials there, but there's a catch! Usually you have to search through many useless videos to find one that's helpful. Plus, half the time, you can't really find what you want.

There's no point in wasting your valuable study time sifting through videos when you can have a comprehensive set of tutorials that give you everything you need, in the order you need it. You can just login, pick up where you left off and continue learning. My classes are designed to be efficient and to the point to maximize your learning in minimal time.

What's the difference between your classes on this site and other sites?

Students ask me this all the time! Here are the benefits to enrolling on this site:

  • Saves you money - My courses on other sites are typically split up into multiple parts. For instance, I have Fluids Parts 1, 2, and 3 on one site. Here, I have just one Fluids course. So, you'd pay for one Fluids course on this site versus paying for three on the other.
  • Courses contain more content - Many of the courses on this site have more content like quizzes, exams, equation sheets, etc.
  • Quicker replies to questions - On this site I'm able to directly communicate with you via email. This means you get answers to your questions much more quickly. With other websites, your questions take several days to even get to me so there's a much longer wait time. This is important right before a big exam!
  • Discounts on future classes - Students who enroll on this site are eligible for discounts on future classes.
  • You support me more - On other sites, instructors get a very small percentage (<25%) of the price you pay for each course. On this site, I get almost all of the course fee (97%). This helps me devote more time to develop new courses and materials for students like you. Plus, it lets me keep course prices low which is good for everyone!

Come learn with me!

With a 30-day money back guarantee (please see terms here), what do you have to lose?

Recent Testimonials

"This course was so helpful for me as an mechanical engineering student. Thanks to this you can make a super beginning to modelling and controlling area."

-Halil H. Systems Dynamics and Controls

"It is really nice, there is a numerical problem after every topic, which will help in understanding the concept more clearly."

- Anathesh K. Intro to Fluid Mechanics

"To be honest, Dr. Qualls has a brilliant way of teaching this course and I am frankly enjoying every bit of it. She illustrates examples clearly enough for students so they can understand the material she's teaching. I always struggled with understanding the fundamental concepts of Thermodynamics, however now, I feel a lot more comfortable and familiar with the material/concepts. I highly recommend this awesome course for mechanical engineering students as well as anyone interested in thermodynamics."

-Ali A. Thermodynamics for Engineering Students

"So far this course is wonderfully laid out and the instructor has done a great job explaining everything step by step. I took this course because I went to school for applied mathematics, but never had an introductory MATLAB course offered in the curriculum. So I would try to use MATLAB as best as I could and figure things out on the fly, which was very frustrating. So far, this course is laying down a strong foundation and making me much more comfortable with the language."

-Arthur B. MATLAB for Engineering Students

"The teaching methods Dr. Cherish uses are among the best I have seen. I have registered for six of her courses. Thank you Dr. Qualls."

-Ellis W. MATLAB for Engineering Students

"This class has helped me get through dynamics in uni when I was struggling. The core principles of dynamics were well communicated and reinforced through worked examples."

-John K. Dynamics

"Graduate student in mechanical engineering here. I'm focusing on control systems in grad school, with classes in both Linear and Nonlinear control systems. This course has been an incredibly valuable asset, especially when it came to doing System Modelling and State Space Representation. It's been years since my undergrad and they don't really cover this material well in grad school. No matter what level of education you're in, this course is an incredible way to bridge any gaps of knowledge you may have, or need to learn from scratch."

-Treston B. System Dynamics and Controls

"Love how the professor sets up the notes. Great way to lay down some of the foundations and terminology needed for the course."

-Ernesto C. Statics

"She is quite clear and 20 times better than what I've seen at the University. This teacher knows how to teach."

-Glenn R. Intro to Fluid Mechanics